How to Help Your Child Advocate for Themselves

What do you do when your child is being treated unfairly, isn’t being heard, or allows other to treat them badly? What role can a parent play to best help their child in challenging times?

Taryn Voget from the Everyday Genius Institute interviews parenting expert and kid whisperer Heather Criswell to get her thoughts. Tune in and see how Heather encourages her children to be their own advocate.


What to Say When Your Child is Upset

What are the perfect words to say to your child when their feelings are hurt, they don’t know what to do, or are upset by something that has happened? Taryn Voget of the Everyday Genius Institute interviewed parenting expert and kid whisperer Heather Criswell. Tune in and get the perfect line to use with your child in many situations.



How to Encourage Your Child (and feel good too)

Heather Criswell How to Encourage Children

How can parents use everyday situations to encourage children to be self reliant, build valuable life skills and feel good about themselves?   For example, how can a parent best handle sibling fights?  Or what can a parent say when her child wants a toy at the store and has no money?  Taryn Voget, co-founder of the Everyday Genius Institute, interviews Heather Criswell to get her thoughts on how to encourage children and building self-esteem.  Tune in and discover a powerful strategy you can use everyday.






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How does the modern parent handle bullying?


How does the Modern Parent handle bullying? Tune in!

Bullying is not a new problem.  It has happened over time, to all ages.  Chances are you have been bullied at some time in your life.  You may have been too big, too small, underweight, overweight, too smart, too slow, too red-headed, four-eyed, or even too friendly.  The examples are endless.

On this episode of BlogTalkRadio, Taryn Voget and I talk about bullying and discuss empowerment strategies for kids and parents in bullying situations.  We talk about the triangle of dis-empowerment and how to shift your thinking to a triangle of empowerment.  We also share great scripts to use with your children who have been bullied.

Tune in for this high impact, 30-minute radio segment.

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Empowerment Technique #1 – How to turn “no” into “yes” at the store.

Empowered Kid

I was recently in Target with my husband and we walked through his favorite department:  electronics. My nightmare begins.  My husband has decided that we NEED the new iPad2.  He explains all the benefits that this device will offer our family, especially me!  I give him the time to explain.  As he finishes I say “No.”  He begins another approach: this time how it will help my business.  Sneaky.  But still “NO.”  We are in the middle of the isle and now enter into a full-blown discussion.  His position: “This will help our family.”  My position: “It’s not in the budget…really NOT in the budget.” We move quickly from discussion to heated debate!

The word “no” is not just a button for children.  It is a button for humans.  I don’t like to be told “no.”  And in this instance my husband feels the same way.

I have always done my best to give children options that revolve around what they CAN do.  Over the years, many children taught me when I offer options of what they CAN do, they will move forward instead of digging their heels in to the ground.

We want to know our possibilities instead of our restrictions or limitations.  We deeply want to feel the power to make all our dreams come true.

So here it is the simple, powerful, good feeling way to approach any situation you feel the need to say “No” to in a store.  Take a moment to ask yourself:

  1. What can I say yes to? And,
  2. How can I empower my child to come up with a solution and let them know I believe in them?

So how would I replay Target?  I would simply say “That’s a great idea babe!  I know you will come up with a way to get that iPad that will work for our family!  I can’t wait because it will help me so much with the business!  You always seem to make things work for you. I know you will create a way to get it!”

Every time I gave the power to the child to decide, think, and dream for himself…he always rose to the occasion and actually thought of better ways to accomplish their dreams than I did.

Now imagine yourself with your child in the same store.

Same script, smaller person. 

If my child asks me for something in the store – and it’s not in my budget – here is how I play it out:

“What a cool toy!  I love that toy too!  I didn’t plan on getting that toy today.  But I know if you really want it you will come up with a way to get it!  Can you think of some ways you could get that for yourself?”

If I am time starved and in a hurry, I only modify the last part.  That script goes like this:

“What a cool toy!  I love that toy too!  I didn’t plan on getting that toy today.  But I know if you really want it you will come up with a way to get it!  I’ll give you some time. I’ll count to ten and if you can come up with an answer, great!  If you can’t think of a way now, you can always think more about it tonight at home.”

The idea is to inspire my child to see the possibility for him to get the things he desires from various sources, or means beyond my credit card.   To know that great things are always coming his way if we just open our minds to other available avenues. 




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